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My Partner Asked Me To Be More Spontaneous So I’ve Started Canceling Our Plans Last Minute

My wife and I are hopelessly in love. We share a life of laughter and growth. Our only problem? She wants me to be more spontaneous. Well, I’m more than happy to oblige. That’s why I’ve recently started canceling our plans at the last minute.

I believe it’s important to listen to your partner in order to really hear what they’re trying to communicate about what they need emotionally. So when my wife brought up the spontaneity issue over breakfast one morning, I apologized for my selfishness, agreed with her immediately, and told her I would henceforth no longer be attending her best friend’s wedding that afternoon. As I stuffed my bowtie into the garbage disposal, the shocked look on her face made it clear that she realized she has a man who will cater to her every need.

The change has been good for our sex life, too. I have begun waiting until we are in the throes of passion, only to suddenly leave the apartment to get an ice cream sandwich. She was initially frustrated, probably because I forgot to get one for her as well (I am still human after all). That can be remedied, of course, on future excursions. I have a growth mindset.

All in all, a life of spontaneity is not for the faint of heart. Frankly, I doubt that most husbands could handle this kind of criticism in the first place. My wife is so happy with the change, she’s recently handed me a large packet of what I can only assume are handwritten love letters.

Of course, I won’t be reading them, as I’ve just decided to go kayaking instead.