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5 Moments From The Walking Dead Season 7 That Are Clearly Commentary on Trump Becoming President Because I Think TV Shows Are Made in Real Time

The Walking Dead season 7 has seen a precipitous drop in viewership week after week, but no one can deny the show’s strong commentary on the presidential victory of Donald Trump. Heading into season 7, fans and critics alike were skeptical of last season’s cliffhanger finale. But considering television shows are made in real time, this was the perfect choice to capture our current political climate. Here are 5 moments from season 7 of The Walking Dead that prove my point. 

1. Negan’s Choice

The most iconic moment of the series so far is Negan choosing one of the survivors to kill. His choice is Abraham, a white southern blue collar military man, the stereotypical Trump supporter. This obviously foreshadows Donald Trump becoming president and then betraying all the hard-working Americans who support him.  Incredible.

2. Lucille’s Imagery

Lucile is Negan’s weapon of choice. The baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire is a metaphor for class struggle in America. We all saw how the election results were split down economic lines, and of course this barbwire wrapped baseball bat is a perfect representation of the deep dividing lines across our country. The scene where Negan uses Lucile is even more impressive as an allegory for class struggle because the actors made up their amazing lines right on the spot as the show was broadcasting live.

3. So Many Walls

Alexandria has walls. The Kingdom has walls. The Hilltop has walls. Donald Trump wants to build a wall. Could they make this any more obvious? And how do they create those entire towns before every episode? Maybe Trump should hire The Walking Dead set creators to build his border wall.

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4. The Saviors Only Take Half

Yeah, “half.” They take the best half of the resources of everyone around them. Sounds like the Trumped-Up-Trickle-Down-Economics Hillary Clinton warned us about. It’s so sad to think of all the real life communities they need to enslave so this TV show can be made. Thoughts and prayers.

5. Gregory’s Deal With Sasha

Gregory is a typical slimy politician who uses his place of power to subtly offer resources and protection in exchange for sex. Completely disgusting and a clear allusion to the Trump administration. It’s like The Walking Dead is predicting the next 4 years, oops not 4, I meant 8. 

Did anyone watch the new season of Gilmore Girls on Netflix? Tell us which part of creating 6 hours of TV in real time was most improbable. Let us know in the comments below!