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Heartbreaking! This Man Wastes His Freedom of Speech Defending ‘The Office’ Season 8

Freedom of speech is one of the greatest tenets of American life. Regardless of political affiliation, no true American takes their first amendment rights for granted.

Except for this man.

Meet Dan Reynolds, the 38-year-old software engineer who chooses to squander the most precious of his rights by telling people that he liked season 8 of The Office.


It’s not even like he’s just saying it’s just not that bad. He’s full-on praising it! In a disturbing abuse of freedom, Reynolds posted a Facebook status that said, “Season 8 of The Office holds up comedically against episodes like ‘Survivorman’ and ‘Dinner Party.’ Everyone should rewatch it!”

This is a dark day for all Americans. It’s like spitting directly in the face of liberty.

Reynolds is even comfortable going on the record saying, “The Florida story arch is funnier than anything in the series that came before, or after. The episode where Dwight gets appendicitis is a top-three episode all time, and the Sabre Pyramid looked cool.”

Is this what the founding fathers had in mind?

Don’t be like Dan Reynolds. Don’t laugh at fat jokes about pregnant Pam. Stay vigilant and remind anyone thinking of watching season 8 about seasons 1-7 or even season 9. It’s your duty as an American.

Life is too short to watch BJ Novak ride an elephant much less defend it.