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It’s Important We Hear Both Sides of My Band’s EP Before Passing Judgement

Having a calm, well-rounded discussion on the issues is getting more and more difficult every day. While it may be tough to see across the aisle sometimes, I still think it’s very important that you hear both sides of my band’s EP before you jump to conclusions.

Look, I get it, maybe side one didn’t appeal to you. You’ve got your own tastes and that’s totally fair. Describing our lead single as “hot garbage” was a little over the top, but I respect your passion. I also respect your choices. Clearly not enough to let you politely decline to continue listening to an album I made in my basement and go on with your day, but I do respect your opinion.

That’s why we’re going to listen to both sides of this EP before you make your final judgment.

No? Need persuading? I’m prepared for that. Think about everything you could be missing on side two. There could be some very solid, catchy songs on that side. Songs that we clearly didn’t include on the only side that most people will listen to. Maybe we improved immensely as songwriters and performers between side A and side B. Probably not. But you’ll never know if you don’t give it a chance.

Hearing the EP as a whole is an important step in starting a well rounded discussion about my band. If you only listen to one side, you won’t be fully informed when your friends bring it up in a conversation and that narrow minded viewpoint can be downright dangerous (for our album sales). You’d really be denying yourself an opportunity to learn and grow if you only listen to songs you actually like.

Seriously, leave your comfort zone and listen to my shitty band!

I know it can be scary trying something new. I mean, what if you like it TOO much and end up falling in with all the side two crowd who you didn’t think you had anything in common with? Reevaluating your opinions and biases is never easy but if we’re ever going to evolve as a society we need to learn how to accept different viewpoints from our own. Particularly, my band.

So please, before you make a snap judgment and disregard anything, make sure you listen to both sides of Purifying Our Aryan Lands, the new EP by my band Blood and Soil. Today is the day to start a real dialogue. Okay, now you may resume your shopping at this Target.