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It’s a Public Facebook Post, Why Can’t I Ask How He Died?

Apparently everyone wants me to apologize. So sorry I cared enough to ask a basic question about how a guy I met twice died int he comments of a Facebook post from his grieving mother. There, Mrs. Kovacs- you happy now??

If you really wanted your family’s privacy you would have made it so only your Facebook friends could see it. Wow, did your son die of being stupid because if he did I think it might be contagious. I’m sorry, I’m just lashing out. Steve was such a presence in my life from the moment I saw this post to the moment I asked, “what, did he, like, OD or something?” I just need to know.

Wow, now his extended family and close personal friends are replying to my comment and calling me insensitive. This is bullying and I might kill myself because of it just like Steve. I mean, maybe just like Steve. I don’t know if it was suicide or poisonous snakes or what. And I never will know because these babies won’t fucking tell me!

I know damn well most of the people commending and sending their thoughts and prayers want to know too. And while you’re at it, thoughts and prayers is a meaningless gesture. Stop thinking about how he died and fucking tell me already!

Oh and if I see one more “DM me for details” reply directed at literally every comment but mine I’m gonna lose it.


What if it was suicide and this could have been avoided? This could be a teachable moment for me. Like, could I have done more? What could I have done? I’m seriously learning nothing from this situation.

Seriously, what if he took his own life? What more I could have done to help this situation? I could have definitely called him more. Maybe just texted to reach out. I could have been more active with our mutual acquaintances and perhaps one of us could have noticed something was wrong. If I had just done a few of those things, maybe today one of these fucks would be willing to tell me how the fuck that dude died!

I guess I’ll have to wait for his obituary in the local paper like some kind of asshole.

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