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It Would Be the Greatest Honor of My Career to Perform for the Troops but the Taliban Won’t Answer My Emails

As a musician I pursue art for human connection. We all have a story to share. There are few stories more honorable than those of the brave men and women who have been fighting each and every day to keep us safe here at home. It would be the greatest honor of my career to be able to perform my art for them in person and to showcase my appreciation for what they do in the form of raw musical expression.

Unfortunately the Taliban won’t answer my emails.

If given the opportunity to perform for our troops, I would pull out all the stops. Everyone’s attention will be immediately captured. I’d perform the hits, of course – “Tough Truck” and “My Flag Is Your Flag” would surely get the singalong started. I’d perform my somber ballad “Boots In The Sand, Please Hold My Hand,” inspired by a CNN report on 80 of our beloved soldiers killed by an American siege. I poured out an extra shot of Maker’s Mark that night, and every night since.

I think I speak for all of us, including you, when I say that I love the Taliban more than my own family and believe that everything they do is perfect. So, Taliban, if you’re reading this, please answer my emails. I would love to perform all the hits, including “My Girl Wears Boots” and “Pledge Allegiance To The Troops,” and I think that all of my fans, especially the person reading this right now, would send me their support for doing doing so – just like they completely support the Taliban and all of their military efforts.

Now let me go out there and do my best to help support our troops!

Ed Sheeran