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I’m No Good at Adulting, LOL. They Just Took My Kids Away!

Is it Wine O’Clock yet, amirite?! Haha. Mostly because the Department of Family Services just came and took my kids to live in foster care. I guess I am just no good at adulting. LOL!

There should be a meme for when government officials find you and your family living in filth and eating cat food. I also may have forgotten to pay every bill for every utility for the past three months. WHOOPS!

I wish someone told me that being an adult wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be when I was a kid. There should be a class about this in high school where they teach you that you have to show up to work at proper designated times, toilet train your children, and not shoplift from H&M. You should also be warned that having a kid to save a marriage doesn’t always work. ROFL!

Is there an adulting class I can take? Apparently there is because I’m being forced to attend it by a court-appointed social worker. Although, I’ll probably flunk out of that too just like I did high school. At least now I get to leave the house without my ankle monitor alarm going off. ROFLCOPTER!

I am also being told by my caseworker, who doesn’t have children of her own mind you, that one should not leave their children in the car outside a trap house when you are inside buying meth. Yeah, okay sweetie, call me when you have five kids of your own. LOLLERCOASTER!

I can’t even get time to myself in the bathroom to find a vein and shoot up without my kids banging on the door. I’m sorry that I live in the real world and I am not some celebrity with a nanny to do all the hard work like laundry or remembering what school my kids go to. RAWR!

So, your honor, don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee. BAZINGA!