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I’m Such an Ally That I Chose “Black” as My Race on College Applications (and Got In!)

It takes courage to shed your own privilege and walk a mile in another’s less fortunate (but admittedly stylish) shoes. Last fall, I did exactly that. Unlike your run-of-the-mill POW (Person of Whiteness), I didn’t simply try to absorb all the POC art and narratives I could find and claim them as my own. Nope. Not in 2017, baby. I’m too WOKE to partake in cultural appropriation.

Instead, for all intents and purposes I became an African American. I applied for the colleges of my dreams and selected, “African-American” (or “Black” for especially woke schools) as my race on every single application. I placed my fate into the hands of college admission officers who truly believe I am a young African American man looking to rise above the systematic racism of this country through higher education.

God bless America.

I wanted to understand what it is like to be judged solely for the color of your skin, (plus my 4.1 GPA plus impressive extracurriculars). I didn’t do this by rolling down my windows and rapping along with the Wu-Tang Clan, or sagging my pants, or posting about how beautiful Moonlight was on Facebook. No, I went all the way, and it paid off.

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So there I was, just another black high school student trying to break into higher education. Waiting, wishing, hoping, and I am proud to announce that along with many of my peers (but regretfully not the one whose spot I took), I will be attending a historically black college next year!

Say, “Hello” to Howard University’s most unlikely Class of 2021 student: me!

(Also, thanks to the United Negro College Fund for the tuition assistance.)

Are you woke enough to apply to colleges as an African American? Let us know in the comments below.