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I’m a Very Intuitive Empath and I Can Literally Feel How Much I Annoy You

I have always been sensitive to the emotions of people around me. When a baby cries, I cry. When someone is hurt, I hurt. When a performer bombs on stage, I feel like I bombed on stage. And even right now, I am feeling your annoyance at the fact that I haven’t shut up about being an empath for the last half hour.

Every time you roll your eyes when I tell you that my empathy allows me to communicate with animals, I feel like I want to roll my eyes. That is how in tune I am to your energy. I get this weird electric buzzing feeling all over my skin and I kinda wanna punch myself in the face. Isn’t that exactly how you feel? Isn’t that weird?!

For hours after we have hung out, I get this overwhelming feeling that I never want to text, call, or meet up with myself ever again. I get this weird urge to tell myself to just get over myself, which is weird because I typically love myself. As you know. It always takes an hour of mindfulness meditation to cleanse myself of your energy. Have I told you about meditation? Oh, I have? Well let me explain again.

I am getting the vibe now that you think if I am such an intuitive person, how come I am not picking up on your rather obvious cues that I should shut up? Because I know more about you than you do about yourself. You are putting on this shell of frustration and displeasure because you are afraid of accepting my loving kindness.

That’s ok, I get it. Not everyone is as grounded as I am to handle my, for lack of a better word, super power. Do I wish I wasn’t born with this preternatural ability? Maybe. But I have come to understand that feeling others’ feelings is a blessing, not a curse and I can use this talent to help people and possibly change the world. Also it gives me something to talk about with other people all of the time, always.

I am sensing that you want to pick up the tab for this meal.