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I Will Never Love My Family Like I Love Sit-Down Pizza Huts

I’m a dedicated father, husband, son, and, thank my lucky stars, I’m even still a grandson! Boy howdy, I love each and every member of my family for the unique person they are and the experiences we’ve shared. Yup, I plain ol’ love my family more than just about anything on God’s green Earth.

But if we’re driving down the road and I see a sit-down Pizza Hut, I am careening this station wagon through the wall of that building like an Italian Kool-Aid man and I don’t care how many “My Child is an Honor Student” bumper stickers (or honor students for that matter) we lose as a result.

Nothing in life will ever come close to the joy I feel while nestled snug in the booth of a dine-in Pizza Hut.

I love my family. I do! It’s just, when’s the last time you went to a sit-down Pizza Hut? Aw heck, you probably don’t even know. That means you have a hole in your chest, fella. Sure, you may try to fill that hole with a happy and loving family. But that’s fool’s gold, buddy. You’re gonna wanna fill it with a personal pan pizza served to you in your own personal pan. And that experience can only occur at a sit-down Pizza Hut.

You might think that I’m wrong here but I can’t be alone. Pizza Hut is not only meant to be served in a booth, but doing so brings a joy that no other experience can even touch. Especially not some forgettable experience like a family trip or a birth.

You might also think I’m just nostalgic for a different time in my life. Nostalgia? I feel nostalgic for Pepsi Blue. The feeling of the Pizza Hut lady putting a sticker on my button for READING and sitting down for a personal pan pizza that I earned fills me with a passion so strong, it dwarfs minor emotional moments like when I held my father’s hands and looked him in the eyes before making the decision to take him off life support.

Sit-down Pizza Hut offers solace in a world where there simply is none.

When my wife had the first miscarriage, we bonded through pain and love, but if I’m being honest, I have a much stronger bond with those red plastic cups with that vaguely bumpy texture to them.

Sit-down Pizza Hut’s are a relic of a lost time and we must cherish those that are still with us. And if my wife ever comes back I’ll be sure to finally take her to one.