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I Said I’m a Guitar Nerd, I Didn’t Say I’m Good

Welcome to my studio! Or at least the part of the basement that my wife lets me keep all of my gear in. I’ve got a lot of cool stuff down. Feel free to take a look around. You’ll probably notice I’m a total guitar nerd. Go ahead, ask me anything about it! I’m sorry, what’d you ask? You want to hear me shred? Um, look, I said I’m a guitar nerd. I didn’t say I’m good.

I see you looking over my shoulder here. Yep, that’s the real deal. This guitar was actually hand-made by Les Paul himself. And it features a totally custom, one-of-a-kind paint job. It’s a real beauty. I don’t even want to tell you how much it costs… Whoa, whoa, don’t go picking it up! I don’t need your grubby fingerprints all over it. I’m sure you want to hear it, but just trust me. The thick searing sound is unmatched. The one time I played it, you’ve never heard the chorus of Everlong played on repeat with such a rich tone.

Why don’t you take a look over here instead? You’ve gotta see my isolation box. I custom-built it to perfectly fit my 1960 Vox AC15 Twin amp. Then I wired it all up, and I ran these pure gold cables into my vintage rack-mounted interface. It’s like a tiny Sound City, but even better because it’s totally unsullied. And as soon as I write my masterpiece, you can imagine the recording is going to sound incredible.

Have you seen my pedal board? Check out this baby. That’s a Klon. I found it for $20,000 on Reverb. One of the very few left in the world. The craftsmanship is pristine. You should see the germanium diodes and the soldering. Well, I haven’t actually seen them. I would never open it up. Also, the components are covered in epoxy resin. But you could imagine what it would be like. And it works like a charm. Truly the way the low E string on ‘Smoke on the Water’ was meant to sound.

Alright, let’s head back upstairs. We can take a look at my Magic card collection. Whoa, I said LOOK at my Magic cards. I don’t even want to know how much value these babies could lose if you smudge up that second sleeve.