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I Missed the Show Trying To Decide if I Should Wear a Jacket Thick Enough To Stay Warm or Thin Enough to Not Have To Take Off Inside

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a show and my friend’s band is playing tonight. My plan was to jump back into my typical show routine. Do a shot, chug a beer, quickly pick out the right jacket for tonight, do another shot, chug another beer, and order an Uber with enough time leftover to fill up my flask so I won’t sober up on the ride over. Well, I spent so long trying to decide if I was better off bringing a jacket thick enough to stay warm or thin enough so I don’t have to take it off inside that I missed the entire show!

It’s not my fault. It was a very difficult decision. I figured if I wore my tried-and-true bomber, eventually I was going to get way too hot and I’d have to take it off and tie it around my waist like a fifth-grader. I guess I could have checked my coat with the venue but I’m pretty sure that kind of behavior can get you killed at a show like this. I also do not have money to be throwing around on renting hourly storage for a jacket.

So then I thought if I wear the windbreaker, I’ll freeze every time I go outside to smoke. Last time I wore that jacket I could barely ask people for cigarettes all night because my teeth were constantly chattering.

I ended up spreading both jackets on my bed and staring at them for the last four hours. I’ll just text my friend and make up something less embarrassing like that I got too drunk before the show and passed out in my own puke.