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I Cut Toxic People Out of My Life by Ignoring My Sister Who has Blood Poisoning

These days it’s no secret that self-care is of the utmost importance. Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about removing toxic people from your life, no matter how close to you they may be. A toxic person can be mentally and physically draining and impact you in ways that you may not even realize.

That’s why when my sister Carrie’s lab results came back positive for blood poisoning, I finally stopped answering her calls. Suck it, Carrie. You’re gonna have to ask someone else to watch your kid while you get more blood work done.

It’s not just the blood toxicity levels that made me come to this decision. It’s also a result of Carrie’s constant gaslighting. She’d be constantly calling and texting me, asking when I’m going to pay her back the money I owe her because she needs it for her copayments. Like, Jesus, Carrie. Who even knows if I borrowed that money? It was so long ago, grow up.

Holding people in your life accountable is paramount. I was Britney Spears’ biggest fan when I was younger. She was my first concert, I cannot overstate how hard I stanned. I stanned before stanning was called stanning. But when she released that song, “Toxic” I knew I had to cut her out of my life. Make no exceptions, and be sure to know your worth.

So whether it’s your boyfriend, your dumb, discolored sister or your former pop idol, you must make yourself your own number one priority. Cut toxic people out of your life, no matter who it may be. In fact, word is my sister’s kid is starting to look a little green around the gills, so you know I’ll be poised and ready to delete that little dummy’s contact if necessary.

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