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I Bet You Wouldn’t Expect Me, a Mother of Three, to Be Interested in Such a Hardcore Band Like Maroon 5

I’m not like other moms, you know. Sure, I pick up my kids from soccer practice on Thursday afternoons, and every night I cook for my family before watching an episode of ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ but I also have a wild side.

When I wind down at the end of a long week, sometimes I have two glasses of wine instead of one, and if I’m feeling really wild, I don’t add any ice. Normally, I like to play music while I relax, and I bet you would expect me to be like one of those other moms who listen to that weak sauce like Celine Dion, or smooth jazz, or ABBA. In reality, I listen to real hardcore rock and roll, and my favorite is Maroon 5.

Who could forget such killer, head-banging hits from their 2002 album ‘Songs About Jane?’ I’ll tell you, if I was the Jane to Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, it’ll get harder and harder to breathe in the backseat of my Honda Odyssey.

I know what you’re thinking, “How could she be into Adam Levine? He’s so badass! I thought moms liked older, lamer rock stars, like Sting or Lionel Richie!” Well, like I said before, I’m way more hardcore than other moms you’ve ever met.

My teenage son even calls me a poser because I would look so great posing for a rock and roll magazine! When your teenage son thinks you’re cool, then you know it must be true!

Maroon 5 may be my favorite hardcore band, but I have other rock and roll tastes, too. Another band that really gets my blood pumping is Imagine Dragons, they’re definitely my favorite metal band on the radio nowadays. Also, if I’m looking for a real bangin’ rock and roll anthem, I always turn to Coldplay. Of course, I frequently reach out to the punk genre, my favorite is definitely Daft Punk.

So are we gonna fuck or what?