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Best Packaging? King Krule’s New Album Comes Wrapped in a Spooky Old House

If you’re looking for new music from prolific indie singer-songwriter King Krule AND own property where a ghastly local murder may have been committed, look no further. Each copy of the new album from the genre-traversing, marble-mouthed singer/beatmaker King Krule will be wrapped in a spooky old house.

WAIT! Did you hear that? SHH!…There it is again.

Anyway, pay no attention to the creaking floorboards or the unexplainable sounds of the house settling and enjoy the loud yet brooding voice that may or may not be coming from the PAINTING OF HIMSELF ON THE WALL. Holy shit, that’s him, right? It can’t be. Judging by the clothes, the pasty begingered boy in the painting looks like he’s from the 1800s… That can’t be him, right? Fuck.

As I was saying, King Krule’s new album will boast the recognizable lush production and confidently gargled vocals that fans have grown to love from the Londonshire sensation. Longtime fan and current missing person Seth Pompan commented, “It’s nice that the vocals are so pronounced yet effortless. Hey, do you guys feel that? It just got really cold in h- ALL POWER TO THE DARK ONES.”

Krule’s vocal lines truly evoke the spirit of his inspirations such as Ian Dury, Shane MacGown, Mike Skinner, and Ted Bundy.

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Um, what are those scratches in the wall? It looks like someone was trying to claw their way out… OR IN? Jesus Christ, is the wall bleeding? If I don’t make it to sunrise tell my wife and son that I love them and that they should purchase King Krule’s new album if they’re looking for the same murky, poetic anti-crooning they heard on Krule’s sophomore effort The OOZ.

Hard Times shirts come wrapped in a spooky old envelope. Oooooooh:

Article by Mike Civins @FamilyFunberg