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How To Turn Your Hobby Into Money and Eventually Something You Hate

So your lifelong hobby has been an incredibly rewarding activity, but you’ve been doing it for free this whole time like some unopportunistic fool who hasn’t felt the pressure of capitalism driving them to monetize every aspect of their life. We’re so sorry to hear that! Let’s help you fix this right away.

It’s time to turn that hobby into extra income by treating it like a real job on top of your day job. And your Lyft driver career. And TaskRabbit gig. Sure, this will likely transform your hobby into a chore and ultimately become something you loathe with all your being, but what else are you going to do? Feel fulfilled for free?

The first thing you want to do is get yourself an Etsy shop. It doesn’t matter what you make, price it and sell it online. Eventually, after months without a single sale of your one-of-kind product, you’ll realize that shoppers only seek familiarity. Soon enough you’ll be forced to pivot the brand and specialize in different variations of “live, laugh, love” signs in a neverending chase of the almighty dollar. Even if you wind up monetarily successful, over time you’ll find that you hate what you now stand for.

Next, start thinking about the business side of your hobby. Sure, it was satisfying to spend your weekends building a custom coffee table made from repurposed pallets with the woodworking skills you never knew you had until you got an undercut. But if you want to make the big bucks, you have to build your brand online while developing a marketing strategy. Also, start viewing your friends as potential consumers. Promote your work for sale on your Facebook and make sure to list the price so the friends that haven’t blocked you yet can be converted into buyers.

You may also develop a sense of jealousy with peers that have way more subscribers on their hobby-based YouTube channels. This should really speed up the disdain for your craft and you might even give up to start a whole new identity. Anyway, good luck out there in the free market!