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How to Tell the Older Sibling Who Got You Into Punk That They’re Too Old to Go to Shows

There comes a time in every person’s life when they need to give a harsh truth to an elder loved one. Unfortunately, it’s often the best thing to do when that loved one is unaware of their situation. Especially, when their situation has become embarrassing or potentially dangerous. It may be painful and difficult to even find the words, but remember you’re doing this because you love them.

Here’s our guide to telling the older sibling who got you into punk that they’re too old to keep going to shows.

We understand how hard this is for you. This is the person who got you into the music, fashion, and subculture that your youth was built around. Plus, they’re related to you and that matters to some people, we guess. More importantly, they burned an Against Me! CD for you in 2002. Now it’s time for you to return the favor by informing them how ridiculous they look wearing a battle jacket in public at forty.

Plus, they didn’t just introduce you to the genre. They showed you the ropes! They snuck you into your first show at a bar underage, they lifted you up for your first crowd surf, and they taught you how to get into a mosh pit without getting your block knocked off. But if you don’t have the tough talk with them, they’re going to break a hip out there.

After you deliver the difficult news they may show anger or confusion, so you’ll want to prepare some alternatives to soften the blow. Perhaps suggest going to a punk-themed trivia night. Or, if the funds are available, show them a pamphlet for a VFW hall they can retire to for countless early bird dinners and dollar beers. But make sure it’s clear they have to leave before the show starts. You have a reputation to protect, after all.