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How to Tell If You Like Sonic Youth or Just Like Telling People You Like Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth sure did influence some great bands that we all know and love. However, knowing whether you genuinely enjoy the band’s music or simply take pleasure in telling people you do to sound knowledgeable is often incredibly difficult to tell apart.

Separating the self from the ego simply cannot be done overnight. Luckily, we came up with a few pointed questions you can ask yourself in a pinch to help you come to the ultimate conclusion that you probably just like telling people you like Sonic Youth.

Have you ever listened to a full Sonic Youth album from start to finish?
Or have you simply previewed each song on “Daydream Nation” long enough to get the gist? If you’re cutting off each song around the 20-second mark, chances are you much prefer Sonic Youth as a concept and less as musicians.

Have you ever typed their name into Spotify?
Or have you far more often typed their name into Wikipedia to memorize a few trivia nuggets before involuntarily quizzing girls at parties? If reading about the band in order to gain a superior social status is more your thing then you might want to consider taking down that Sonic Youth poster in your bedroom.

Does seeing the “Goo” cover make you want to listen to the album right now?
Or does it rather make you want to sashay that “Goo” shirt you bought at Urban Outfitters before ultimately listening to Nirvana instead? If the appearance of liking certain music is far more important than actually experiencing it then it might be time to embrace your inner poser.

Can you name three Sonic Youth songs right now?

Or can you more easily name three times you’ve definitely impressed people in casual conversations with your ability to name experimental no-wave noise-rock bands that influenced potentially better bands? Don’t ask us how we know, but it’s definitely the latter case here.

By now you should be fairly confident in knowing that you simply prefer telling people you like Sonic Youth. On the off chance that you do in fact enjoy the music of Sonic Youth, consult a doctor immediately.