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How to Tell if the Emotional Walls You Put Up Are Load-Bearing

Are you the type of person who’d rather not expose your feelings to anyone in your life ever? We get it, it’s revealing and scary, and it gets in the way of quiet time. Unfortunately, society is on a big “mental health” kick at the moment, and your emotional barriers are not “in vogue.” You’ve probably been pressured by loved ones to seek professional help in taking them down, but not so fast—some of those protective barriers you put up could in fact be load-bearing.

This guide will tell you whether removing the emotional walls you’ve put around you will make everything collapse to the ground.

You Put Forth a Hard Shell Exterior

You don’t want anyone to see weakness, feelings, or even ask for help with today’s Wordle. Chances are you’re a softie on the inside, which is why this shell is not sustainable. One person will get to know the true you, and your guard along with that weak-ass shell will come crumbling down.

You’ve Erected a Wall of Silence

For you, it’s preferable to say nothing than something raw and vulnerable. Someone in your life wants to ask you a personal question and you shut them out with your trusty silence wall. One hit of the hard questions, and it feels like your whole life is falling down. If this is the case, then yeah, we’re talking load-bearing.

You’re a Fixer of Other People’s Problems

You’re the first one people call when there is a leaky faucet, a loose door jamb, or if they need help with today’s Wordle. When your significant other asks you what should be done about the problems in your relationship, you go right to the offense and offer to paint the entire home. This has kept you from revealing your own issues to other people, and it has worked out so far. While this is a sign of an emotional wall, tearing through and demolishing it won’t destroy your entire foundation. So go ahead and break those fixer tendencies, but finish that paint job first.

Your Significant Other Is Seeking Emotional Connection Elsewhere

Congrats! Your girlfriend wants an open-concept relationship. This is common when all you can offer emotionally is pouting after your favorite sports team loses. You’re a commitment-phobe, so what’s there not to like? She suggests seeing other people while you “deal with your dad issues.” Sleeping around won’t make your entire life implode, but you should probably try it out just to be sure.

Go Ask Your Mom’s Friend Brian

He’s always ready with his tool kit and knows how to deal with this kind of shit.

If All Else Fails, Try Removing Part of a Wall

You’ve made it this far in life, but your relationships have been mostly empty and unsuccessful. This is no thanks to the blockades you have built around you. Maybe it’s time to make a little pony wall and be real with people. Perhaps you could talk about your fears? Ugh, we just broke out in a cold sweat thinking about it. Forget it, you’re not ready for a remodel.