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How My Partner And I Have Kept Our Relationship Alive After Being Together For 3 Weeks

Relationships aren’t easy. Finding the right one is hard, and it’s even harder to make sure they’re never let go. We all need that companionship and luckily I found someone who is amazing in every way. I see married people all the time who clearly don’t have what we have.

Even though things are great, we have definitely had our challenges over the few weeks of knowing each other. Here are some tips we can pass down:

Have Sex: There’s nothing more important to a relationship than having sex! My partner and I do it as much as possible. We must’ve done it twelve times by now.

Schedule Dates: Sometimes with busy lives it’s hard to meet up. My job as a Social Media Expert can take up long hours and whatever she does for work probably has long hours too. We usually try for weekdays ourselves.

Communication Is Key: Never leave in a moment of silence! Find the one thing you have in common and talk about everything you possibly know on the subject. When my partner once referenced the Sopranos, I made sure to keep referencing the Sopranos too. Even though I’ve only seen a few episodes of that show, it at least shows that we have a connection. If things ever get too quiet I just shout “gabagool!” and I can happily know that she knows exactly what I’m talking about. Learn what ethnicity your partner is too. Ever since my partner told me her last name was Dutch I’ve been laying out every fascinating subject on the Dutch I could and she nods and says “that’s right.”

Keep Things Interesting:
After dating anyone for a couple of days it’s bound to get boring. One thing she likes to do is make sure we always meet up at a bar where nobody can recognize us. Spicy and mysterious, right? Surprise each other too. For instance, I just learned yesterday that she’s a vegetarian.

Did I Say Have Sex Yet?: You need sex! Otherwise, you have no validation. Make sure you switch things up too. Lately, I’ve been keeping things kinky by wearing sunglasses. Make sure you let everyone know that you’re having sex too otherwise nobody will think your relationship is going to last.

Well, that’s all our relationship secrets. Now you are on your way to having a love that will last weeks or even months!