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How I Learned I’m Into Edging Thanks To a Horribly Timed FaceTime Call From My Mother

I was having a typical Saturday evening home. Turned down the lights, locked the doors, put on the newest Sean Cody video, was ready to just have a good winding down the day wank. I had gradually shifted from your typical frat boy bareback fuckfest to something more water sport oriented and was just about to reach climax, when I received a Facetime call from my mother.

I was nearly there! Why did she have to call me at that exact moment? Not wanting to arouse any suspicion, I just let the call ring out and go to voicemail, but the damage had been done. How was I supposed to enjoy naughty twinks being taught a lesson with the thought that my mother was thinking about me at that exact moment? I felt like a naughty twink who needed to be taught a lesson.

Crestfallen, I stopped masturbating. Little did I know, all was far from lost.

Of course it wasn’t long before I was back at it! The evening’s earlier awkwardness had passed and I had discovered something called JOI. There I was cranking away at the instruction of my “gym coach” until I reached the moment of climax when suddenly I had the strangest impulse to just, stop?

I had never done this before, but it was quite enjoyable, and easy with the image of my mothers face still fresh in my mind. This became a recurring thing for me. I’d keep getting there, allow my mothers judgemental glare to enter my mind’s eye, and stop. I decided to try and research this phenomenon, incognito of course.

Well, much to my surprise, not only was there a name for this edging, but there was also an entire community who was into that! To think, I initially thought this was some sort of weird Freudian thing that had forever inhibited my ability to achieve orgasm due to an ill timed call only to discover that my mother’s own emotional withdrawn behavior is why I enjoy delaying climax.

I can’t wait to tell my furry group about my discovery.