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How Dare You Boycott Nike When They Employ so Many Children of Color

Are you kidding me?! You’re gonna boycott Nike because they ran an ad starring a football player who was peacefully protesting systemic racism? How dare you! Nike has done so much good in this world and I for one am going to buy triple the Nike products I would have otherwise because they’re brave enough to speak out. And it’s not just words. Nike puts their money where their mouth is every day in sweatshops across the world by employing a countless number of children of color.

That’s right! Did you know Nike has factories all over the world that help boost the economy and support local communities? Historically speaking, Nike is the world’s leading employer of children of color. Isn’t it strange how those boycotting Nike tend to support “job creators” here in America, but all of a sudden have a huge problem with it when those jobs are open to people of color? Excuse me, children of color. This is obviously cold blooded bigotry. Just let the kids have their jobs!

In fact, Nike sales have actually gone through the roof after this marketing campaign so at least I can rest easy knowing my fellow progressives are still supporting this truly altruistic company. It’s important we stand by Nike at this time because their increased sales means they’re going to need even more children of color to employ. Think about that- us buying Nike products due to this ad campaign is directly leading to even more children working in Nike sweatshops! Talk about impacting social change!

As any 20 something in America will tell you, getting your first job is hard! It’s like you need prior experience just to land an entry level position. Well Nike is giving these kids work experience before anyone else. In the United States we need to complete an unpaid internship before we can get hired, and for what Nike is paying these kids it might as well be an unpaid internship.

Thanks Nike! Plus, what other company would be willing to take a chance and hire children living in poverty? Apple? Yeah, probably Apple.

Ugh. And these people who are burning Nike products- that makes no sense! At least donate your Nike gear to needy kids in developing countries. Then maybe the kids who made those clothes can finally get a chance to wear them.

So buy Nike products because they clearly care about people of color- specifically children in countries with no labor laws or human rights in general. Don’t think about it. Just do it.