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Hey! The Real Fascists Are the Ones Getting Arrested off the Street by Unidentified Heavily Armed Military Jack Booted Thugs Lead by an Authoritarian Megalomaniac Leader!

I know all you libs are sitting home and watching the Lamestream Media right now. You’re seeing these “protestors” get picked off the street by heavily armed Federal police and muscled to unmarked SUVs and taken to a black site. And it’s making you cry into your latte. On cue, you start calling our great President a Hitler wannabe. Well, I’ll have you know that no matter what your cuck leaders may lead you to believe, those protestors are the real fascists.

Have you been around these liberal “thought police?” They like to point fingers all day, but then they’ll ask you to use a “proper pronoun” or something. Where’s my freedom to call people whatever name I want?

You trying to silence my bigotry is just the same as rounding us up and shipping us to a camp!

I’m sorry I didn’t realize this was a “safe space.” Do you think my grandfather who grew up in the deep south in the 40s and 50s ever needed a space segregated off from a specific group of people? I don’t think so.

And of course, we can’t forget “Cancel Culture?” You want to talk fascism? You can’t even degrade human beings for entertainment without some Pinot Griggio drinking hipster sending a tweet. And you’re the ones crying about due process and being kidnapped without provocation. Where was Louis Ck’s due process? Exactly Mussolini.

Last I checked the flag at the top of the pole, this is America. And our Founding Fathers were not some snowflakes that defied authoritarian rule.

They would never let some Croc wearing Soy Boy defile a building with a can of spray paint or ask for liberty for literally every single person. They would have cheered on a gang of jackbooted secret police that answers to a man who feels like the Constitution is merely a list of suggestions. That’s the very foundation this country was built on.

GOD Bless the USA.