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Here’s Five Grammar Mistakes Your Probably Unaware Of

Tired of bad grammar? We are to. Weather it’s on the internet, on exams or in articles even sometimes, bad grammar is annoying. It is a important part of adulting to re-cognize grammer mistakes ?, so you don’t not fill up you’re paper to the brim with it.But their is a way to make you much gooder at avoiding this grammar mistakes; and take you’re righting to a whole nother level. It starts all by recognizing the small mistakes, and fixing them.

The most in famous mistake might bee your and you’re. Hears a little poem to help you remember it; ‘your ends in R, its short for you are, you’re ends in E, so it belongs to you, not me.”. This is a easy poem to re member and it is very fun and it is easy to remember also.

And also as well you should no the difference between less and fewer. Less means a thing is little bit small, fewer means it is a more bit small. These are Superlatives, from the latin word “lative” which is meaning “not a lot,”. If you are want to say some is a lot bit small, you say lesserest. If you not know these, you will be look like a fool.

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Next I will learn you their they’re, and there; There is is masculine, their: is feminine, and they’re are neutral. If a word is ends in A, then you say it is there. End in any another letter and it is their. If you dont know how to spell the word it is they’re. This is a simple mistake but now you know how to not do it anymore

Who and whom is another tricky one Whom is formal and who is informal. I-E If you wanted to a dress some one like the president of the united states then you will say “Whom.” if you want to address some guy living on street you say “who”. remember , Whom is a proper pronoun, and so it always should be capitalized.

Least but not last is where to use a , (pronounced comma) versus a ; (pronounced semicomma). A , is a lite pause, and a ; is a heavy. So if you are saying “oh hi” and you want it to sound very friendly and fun you say “oh , hi”. But not if you say “oh hi” and you want it to sound very dramatic and uncomforting when so you say “oh ; hi”. This’s a good way to make you’re sentences have power, impact.

Two ad won thing is you should proofread. Is important. For the 100rd time persons – proofread!!!!!!!!! Proofread every thing you write, just not sending it off to any teacher or youtube comment section or editor before you look at it. Just in case also you can use a proofreader. On this day and age, they’re is no any excuses for not using an proofreader. Find one on the line. It is: easy, and simple too. But all ways double check, irregardless of whether if you use a proofreader or not using. For all intensive purposes, this is best way to be make sure you are writing is goodly. Thx!