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Here’s Everything Leaving Netflix This Month Due to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Netflix is always changing up its offerings. Sometimes it’s due to contract disputes and other times it’s because the shows star people accused of committing an unspeakable sex act. Here’s a list of every binge worthy show being purged from Netflix after this month for the latter reason… the sex one.

Louis CK: 2017

Louis CK is back with what some fans call his best work in years! Unfortunately, this was immediately followed by what few would deny to be his worst work ever, forcing women to watch him mastubate. Enjoy this one while you (sort of) still can!

A Good Man

Steven Seagal stars as a special ops agent turned handyman who’s out to show the gangsters harassing his tenant that they just made a big mistake. Unfortunately, Seagal made an even bigger mistake when he told Portia De Rossi that it was important they had good chemistry together and unzipped his pants in front of her. Stream A Good Man on Netflix today!


With a finale season of House of Cards in post production, Netflix won’t be dropping its hit political drama anytime soon, but the same can’t be said for the streaming site’s other Kevin Spacey selections. This movie has Spacey taking advantage of a college-aged math genius in a gambling scam. Life has Kevin Spacey taking advantage of a 14-year-old boy, sexually. Movies rule!

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

Is one of the stories “Hoffman groped a 17-year-old?” Because that happened.


Steven Seagal is a sniper. Violence ensues.

Louis CK: Chewed Up

Another great one from an allegedly monstrous person.

The Ref

Another Spacey flick bites the digital dust, though considering this one boasts the acting talents of ’90s Dennis Leary, Spacey may have done us a favor here.

Louis CK: Hilarious

You know what’s not so hilarious?


Say goodbye to this blockbuster thanks to Ben Affleck. It recently came to light that he groped actress Hilarie Burton on an episode of TRL in 2003, easily one of the top 10 horrific acts committed on that show.

Code of Honor

Steven Seagal has a code of honor, putting him at odds with dangerous people he then needs to shoot, I assume.

Contract to Kill

All kidding aside why does Netflix have so many goddamn Steven Seagal movies?

Now: In the Wings on a World Stage

Spacey does Shakespeare set in MODERN DAY! If only that was where his notions of consent were set.


Maximum Conviction

Seagal again.

White Gold

What if Mad Men starred Ed Westwick and was about window salesman? Well, he raped a girl, so you have a very limited amount of time to find out.

The Perfect Weapon


Force of Execution

Fucking Seagal.

Asian Connection

Seagal. Why am I paying for this?


Louis CK stars as just kidding it’s Seagal again.