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Help! I Bought the Next Size up in Dumbbells but I Can’t Carry Them to My Apartment

After years of destroying my body with alcohol and Mcdonald’s, I’ve finally got myself back into a routine of healthy eating and exercise. I even dusted off my old weight set and worked my way all the way back up to lifting fifteens. With ease! But it looks like I got too cocky bros because I went to the store to pick up a set of twenty-pound dumbbells and, unfortunately, I have no fucking clue how I’m gonna get them into my apartment. Help!

This looked a lot easier when I was in the store. I’m not sure if you knew this already, but it’s a lot easier to put a set of weights into a shopping cart than it is to carry them up three flights of stairs. I should have known better when I needed an employee to help me get them to my car in the first place.

I thought I could try lifting the weights until I was strong enough to carry them with ease, but now my arms are even more tired. I did get three reps in, which is more than I expected to be able to do at first so that’s a win. I wonder if the concierge at my building works out.

Update: I figured it out! I kept the weights in my car and worked out in the parking lot every day for months until I was ready to go back to the store and get a set of twenty-fives. Now all I have to do is carry them up to my… ah, fuck.