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Heartwarming: World’s Biggest U2 Fan Gets to Perform With Band Every Night

DUBLIN – Local resident and “World’s Biggest U2 Fan” Paul Hewson has been granted the chance of a lifetime by performing with a rock band he loves so very much. Attendees at last night’s U2 concert at 3Arena report that Hewson came out on stage with the band and performed as lead vocalist, just as he has done every night since the band’s inception.

“This must be a dream come true for him,” U2 fan Maeve Kelly told reporters. “He never shuts up about how great they are and their impact on modern music. I mean, I like Joshua Tree but [Hewson] loves everything, even Songs of Experience.”

Hewson, whose fanaticism with U2 reaches as far back as the band’s formation in 1976, is known to defend the band to anyone who is willing to listen to him, even if they don’t disagree.

“U2 is Ireland’s greatest export and probably the most important rock band in history,” Hewson said. “U2 shaped the culture of modern music and there isn’t a band performing today that hasn’t been influenced by U2!”

Reactions varied. Several people said that Hewson’s performance was electric but others felt it was forced and too over-the-top.

“Maybe he is just over-excited because he was singing with his idols,” Lighting Technician Noah Murphy said. “But he came out at a 10 and only went up from there. Honestly, he seemed to be enjoying it more than the crowd.”

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