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HC 4 HC: This Is Hardcore Missed Connections

PHILADELPHIA – Sunday night concluded the 10th annual This Is Hardcore Fest at the Electric Factory. Every year the festival attracts thousands of punk and hardcore kids from all across the world. But while many attendees caught up with old friends or made news ones, some connections — unfortunately — were missed.

We compiled a small list of our favorite Missed Connections surrounding This is Hardcore.

W4M – Hardcore Kid @ TIHC
You caught my eye stagemoshing during Mindset. You were wearing a plaid shirt with a band tee shirt under it, camo shorts, vans, and a hat that presumably had the logo of the baseball team of the city you’re from (I’m not a sports fan.) You also had tattoos and a beard. I saw you a few times on your phone. It was an iPhone, maybe the 6? I was going to talk to you, but you seemed kind of awkward. I’m awkward too lol.

M4W – Descendents Girl at Govindas
I was behind you in line at Govindas. You were wearing a Descendents shirt and had glasses on. I had a plaid shirt on and have a beard. You ordered a vegan cheesesteak. I ordered the vegan cheesesteak as well. All I want is a chance to get to know you a bit.

W4M – Saw you stagediving during Cro-Mags
You headwalked me during the second chorus of “World Peace.” You were tall and skinny with a pompadour haircut and a nice beard. I wasn’t familiar with the band on your t-shirt so I don’t remember it, but I remember it was black, and I’m pretty sure you were wearing Levi’s, which were black as well. I saw you later watching another band and you had a plaid shirt on. You were sweaty.

M4W – Party @ The Windsor
I saw you at the party at the Windsor after Day 2. You were wearing cutoff jean shorts and had tattoos on your legs. My favorite was the Milo tattoo on your ankle. I was the guy with the Expire shirt on under a plaid shirt. I have a beard and an iPhone.

W4M – Mesh Jersey and Shorts on N 7th Street
Saw you on my walk over to TIHC. You had a beard and you were wearing a basketball jersey and mesh shorts and also were carrying what seemed to be a regulation sized basketball. I didn’t see you at the venue. Come to think of it, you may have just been a basketball player.  I like the Descendents.

Interested in every woman at This Is Hardcore. I’m a guy with a beard that went to it. Please email me, I just want a chance to take you all out sometime. You can reach me at [email protected].

Compiled by Greg McGonagle @gregmcgonagle.