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That Would Have Been a Great “Crazy Tour Story” If We Found Our Drummer Alive

OK — that was straight up insane, and would have made for the best, “crazy tour story” if only …

I don’t want to talk about it.

But before everything changed, that seriously was one of the funniest things ever.

That night was the kind of night you can only have when you’re out on the road, exploring the world with friends, and it would have been the perfect, “crazy tour story” answer for interviews if only we hadn’t found him there, so quiet, so at peace, but also looking so afraid.

I mean come on, the fireball? That guy with the eye patch? That night was amazing! And it would have been something I could fondly recall as part of my reckless youth period, if only our Jimmy hadn’t been ripped from us too soon. Way too soon.

I feel like every interviewer asks that same question, “what’s your craziest tour story?” and each time I just burst out crying. Because it reminds me of the way we needed to repeat the same question to members of the local community over and over again: “Will you volunteer for our search party?

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If my best friend since middle school was ever heard from again we could have used that night as the best interview answer ever. But now … now I need to go pick out some dress pants. I said I was just going to wear my black fred perry and dark denim but Jimmy’s mom is all pissed and I’m not trying to cause a scene not after what happened that night.

It started out so funny. The gas station guy, Daryl being like, “oh, Pikachu!” and everything else. Those were the best times in my life. That is, until, well, until … I miss my friend.

Oh God, the look on his face.