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Fun Date Night Ideas You’ll Never Experience Because You Date Band Dudes

Dinner? A Movie? Mini Golf? Not if you are dating a dude in a band!


Based on the personal experience of our staff, we at Hard Style have compiled this list of really fun date ideas that you will never experience because you are dating that dude from Brain Buster and need to go to another poorly-attended bar show.

Drive-in Movie

The drive-in movies can be a really fun blast-from-the-past-style date. But the van is full of equipment and broke down on the side of I-84 so good luck making this happen.

Stand-Up Comedy Show

It was your musician boyfriend’s sense of humor that initially attracted you to him. Since you both love to laugh a super fun date idea would be to check out a local comedy club. But comedy shows happen at the same time as his shows so that probably won’t work. Shouldn’t you be working the merch table anyway?

Cooking Class

Learning a new skill together is a great way to grow as a couple. A cooking class is a fun night out and you also get to eat something delicious at the end! But your musician boyfriend is highly unlikely to indulge in this type of activity with you. He needs to mix his new demo not cake batter.

Murder Mystery Dinner

Why pay for an interactive mystery experience when you and your man can try to solve the mystery of why all the local bands he hates get better shows than his band? You can even work on solving this mystery yourself as you pick up pizza for him and the rest of the guys.


Brunch is a  center part of many couples’ relationships. Except yours because your man will still be too hungover after last nights gig to get out of bed.

Weekend Getaway To The Country

Ha! Keep dreamin’ sister.

Photo by Kat Chish.