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For Sale. 235 Reusable Grocery Bags. Never Used.

Every environmentally-minded millennial knows the pain of forgetting their reusable grocery bag. Unfortunately, it’s just too easy to buy a new one once you’re at the store. You think, “who gives a flying fudge, it’s five bucks! Plus, using these bags totally saves the rainforest and halts climate change.” But after forgetting your bags once a week for years, the impact on your wallet can really add up.

Sure, I could just leave my reusable bags in the back seat but I don’t want to junk up my Mazda. Besides, that’s where I keep the spare batteries I chuck out of my car every time I cross a bridge.

Since it’s become abundantly clear that I am incapable of remembering to ever bring a reusable bag when grocery shopping, I am now putting my entire, near-mint collection up for sale. Seeing as how the bags cost me 5 bucks a pop, I’m thinking I could part with these bad boys for no less than $2,000. And yes, you must buy all of the bags. They are a complete set and they will not be broken up.

I tried to save the environment when I originally purchased these, therefore I am a very good person. Sure, technically a reusable bag requires more material and energy to create than paper. They actually have a bigger environmental impact, especially when you take into account having to buy a new one every single trip to Whole Foods.

The point is, one of you lucky ducks can be the proud owner of a fresh collection of reusable bags all for the low, low price of two grand. I’m not saying you’ll kill mother nature if you don’t buy these bags, but why risk it? Decrease your canvas footprint today.