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Exposed: 5 Nazi Pedophiles Who Gave Us Permission to Use Their Likeness However We Want

They could be your neighbor, your mail carrier, your co worker. They could be teaching your children. Depending on what licensing contracts you’ve signed in your life they could even be you. Nazi pedophiles lurk among us, hiding in plain sight and waiting for the perfect moment to commit unspeakable acts. Today, the Hard Times exposes five seemingly ordinary looking people who are secretly antisemitic child molesters who, coincidental, have also at one point or another signed a document stating that we are entitled to use their likeness in any way we choose.

1. This Nurse

On the surface, this woman seems like a perfectly friendly nurse. You may even say she is a picture perfect example of what comes up on shutter-stock when you type in “friendly nurse.” Well think again, because beneath that practiced model smile lurks the hateful mind of a Nazi predator. It just goes to show, be careful who you trust. You never know which innocent looking nurse is secretly a monster or what exactly your picture will be used for when you willing enter it into the public domain.

2. This Math Teacher

That’s right, they are even in our schools. This seemingly innocent looking math teacher, captured with his finger in a perfect “I’m making a point” pose but ever so slightly looking toward camera for some reason, hates the Jews and likes em young. Hey math teacher, here’s an equation for you: You signing away your image + Me needing clicks = YOU ARE A FUCKING NAZI AND A PEDOPHILE!

3. This Grandma

God only knows how long she’s been getting away with it but this sweet looking old grandmother, quite possibly YOU’RE grandmother, is a member of the Third Reich and an abuser of young children. Maybe now that shes exposed she will think twice before spewing her hate speech or saying yes when her grandchild says “Hey Grandma, can I use you for my online photography portfolio?”

4. This Adorable Child

Surely our children are safe among other children, right? Wrong! This kid may look like the son of a professional photographer off to his first day of school but he is actually one of the boys from Brazil. Nice try, Hitler!

5. Elmer Fudd, But Only The One From This Unlicensed Foreign Stamp

I know what you’re thinking. “They’re not really going to try and tell me that Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes is a fucking Nazi pedophile, are they?!” Of course not. That would be insane and also illegal. The Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes is a fucking saint. The Elmer Fudd from this public domain foreign stamp, however, is a denier of the holocaust who should never be allowed within 5 miles of a public school.