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Emotional Cheating: What It Is and How To Accuse Your Partner of It for Doing Literally Anything

In our modern romantic landscape, it’s important to have well-defined terminology when it comes to your boundaries. You don’t want some minor issue of yours going unsaid early-on that turns into something major down the road. Equally important, is to use your boundaries as a weapon on your partner anytime they do something you don’t like.

Enter emotional cheating: the greatest thing for manipulative partners since regular cheating!

Emotional cheating is a term with a range of interpretations. Most often, the definition of emotional cheating is sharing intense, non-sexual emotional interactions with someone who is not a partner, family member, or longtime platonic friend. Those people are obviously wrong. Emotional cheating is when your partner gives any ounce of attention to anything other than you. And this includes inanimate objects for any of you out there who want to make excuses for your partner.

Here are three of the best times to accuse your partner of emotional cheating:

When they tell a story about a coworker of their preferred sex – Who in the FUCK do they think they are having an emotionally-pleasing conversation with a coworker? More importantly, who the fuck do they think YOU are?! Some doormat begging to be abused? Fuck that. You tell your partner if they bring up that piece of shit coworker one more time they’re going to wind up locked in their own burning townhome. Then cheat on them just because.

When they tell their grandmother they love them – Ew. What a piece of shit. You’ve been together how many weeks and they still haven’t said that to you! Plus, old people have a high rate of contracting emotional STD’s. End this now. Just get it over with. Seriously, hire that hitman you’ve had your eye on and just end this fucker’s life.

When they hug their child – An emotional cheater is bad enough, but to emotionally cheat on you with a child?! What a disgusting pig of a person. As a person of worth, get out now. You deserve someone so much better to abuse.