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We DVR’D the Election So Please Nobody Tell Us What Happened

Okay look, it might seem a little irresponsible but we had a lot of stuff to do last night and we didn’t get around to watching the election coverage. We recorded it on our DVR though, so please nobody tell us what happened.

As we’re sure you’re all aware, we’ve been very invested in this election and it would suck to have the results ruined for us. But it’s our JOB to spend all night brainstorming new ideas on how to creatively make fun of crust punks, so that’s the reality of the situation we’re in.

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We understand you will all likely be talking about the election on social media and that’s totally cool. That said, please preface any election posts with a spoiler alert. Do NOT post a ‘trigger warning’ because that will allow us to infer who won.

Oh, and please leave lots of space between the spoiler alert and the content of your post because we do want to check out Walking Dead spoiler posts and they will likely be marked in a similar fashion.

Ah fuck, we just got home and turned on the TV and some election results popped up on the screen. Something about Pennsylvania. Fortunately we were able to hit mute real quick and flip to our DVR so we were able to play this week’s Westworld without learning anything concrete. Phew.

We’re totally going to check out the results tomorrow. So until then please continue to tag all election posts with spoiler warnings and remove any article photos if they might reveal who won.

And holy shit, how crazy is it that Negan killed Abraham AND Glenn. Fuck that was brutal. #hansolodies

Please don’t tell us who the incumbent president is in the comments below.