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I Don’t Usually Make Political Posts but I Will Not Sit Back and Watch While Everybody Else Gets Likes

I’m not usually the type of guy who goes out of his way to make political posts… BUT I will not sit back and watch as everyone else on my timeline rake in heaps of Facebook likes for making obvious and agreeable political statements any longer.

Sorry, but needs to be said, y’all — Killing. Is. BAD. More importantly, that statement needs to be liked. And I will not sit by and idly watch as the people I care about earn more internet points than me simply because they posted it first.

One more time for the people in the back. DO. NOT. KILL. PEOPLE. ALSO. LIKE. SHARE. AND. SUBSCRIBE.

Enough is enough.

This year I watched in horror as the most innocent among us — the poor, the disenfranchised, and even children posted agreeable political statements on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and were showered with adoration and praise from their peers. I sat back and said nothing. Not even a “heart” react, a retweet, or a like.

I will no longer remain silent.

Someone smarter than me once said, “You can’t remain inactive in the face of injustice without, to some extent, being guilty of it.” And someone far dumber than me posted that quote on Twitter this morning and it went fucking viral.

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The time for inaction is over.

I’m joining the battle and I don’t care how many people I piss off because I’m certain that number will be zero and that this will only serve to increase my social standing.

So to all my followers this message is reaching I say once again and unequivocally: KILLING IS BAD. I will also be posting this message as a Facebook status, Tweet, and Instagram with an unrelated photo of me partying. Please, please, give me some likes. Especially if you’re a hot girl.