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I Didn’t Vaccinate My Kids and the One Who Lived Turned out Fine

TRUTH ALERT: I didn’t vaccinate my kids and the one who lived turned out just fine.

You heard me. When each of my five children were born, my husband and I made the decision NOT to pump our kids full of “vaccines” and “preventative medicines” despite the societal pressure to do so. And today we have one perfectly fine child who lived to see her 13th birthday.

If you want to hear the TRUTH that the vaccine industry doesn’t want YOU to know, keep reading.

Like most mothers, I take my children’s health and well-being very seriously. When my beautiful babies, who I miss so much, were born, I went with my gut and the advice of my yoga friends and didn’t vaccinate them. Now I am asking you to PLEASE do the same.

I’m a mother and I read a lot of stuff on the internet; I know vaccines are approved by the FDA to prevent disease BUT I’M NOT CONVINCED! And I’m here to convince you to not be convinced by their “science” and “research.”

Would you rather take advice from me, a real mother who raised five kids and still has one wonderful, beautiful teenage daughter? Or would you rather listen to the BIASED media, or worse, the corrupt doctors?

The choice should be simple.

Don’t even get me started on those death peddlers. At best, doctors are snake oil salesmen trying to pump our kids full of vaccines they don’t need. At worst, they are actively trying to kill our children. MY children, my friends’ children, and if you’re not careful they’ll come after YOUR children.

I have one perfectly healthy child and I do not want DOCTORS anywhere near her.

As soon as my first baby was born, which I’m ashamed to say happened in a hospital, the doctors immediately tried to vaccinate him. They said they wanted to prevent the spread of diseases that I’m pretty sure they were making up! Is anyone fact-checking doctors these days?


Besides, if doctors were so smart, why couldn’t they cure my oldest son when he got measles?  Or my second daughter when she got cholera? Where’s their science when we really need it?

Exactly. If they really knew about the immune system or any of these diseases they’d know how to fix them and not just try and fill our babies with chemicals AND LIES.

Vaccines are the number one killer of all children on the planet. THEY don’t want you to know, but it’s the truth.

So please, as a mother, THINK before you vaccinate your child. I’ve raised plenty of kids, one all the way to the age of 13.

Trust me when I tell you the vaccines aren’t worth the risk.

My beautiful daughter wasn’t vaccinated and she’s just starting high school. She has lots of friends and gets awesome grades (B’s and C’s, proud mama!). And we just found out she has polio so she may very well be the next Stephen Hawking.