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Dang, I Was Totally Gonna Go to Your Show This Time Too

Did they cancel your band’s show this weekend because of the quarantine? Ah, stinker! And this was the one I was definitely, for sure planning to go to!

I feel like every time you play a show something comes up and I always miss it. There was that time I had to help my mom get the windows in the kitchen open. Then there was the time my stomach hurt. And now there’s a global pandemic. Crazy. Especially because this time I put it in my phone calendar and made sure to stay available and everything.

It was the album release too, right? I was absolutely gonna buy the record at the show. I’d rather buy it at a show than online so I can make sure you’re getting all the cash, so I’ll wait for the next show to buy it.

The venue was pretty close too, right? Sometimes when you guys play it’s a little far. Like, I’ll be planning to go but then when it comes time to leave I think, “45 minutes to Penn Station, an hour and a half on the Long Island Railroad, then on top of that a $30 Uber to get to the venue. This is too much.” But this was the show was a 10 minute walk so I had no plans to bail last minute.

It’s so annoying, too. It seems like everything is getting canceled because of this crisis. Like, you know how you always text me about going out with you and your fiancé finally because I still haven’t met her? I was totally gonna text you about us all hanging out before the show. This dumb health panic is really messing everything up. Now I gotta just sit home and play video games instead of hanging out and going to see your band.

Didn’t you also have an indie improv show next Monday in Brooklyn, too? I wasn’t gonna go to that anyway so no biggie.