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Cool: Millencolin Covering Pennywise Song Or, Actually, Other Way Around, Maybe

Isn’t it rad when two huge names in the scene show each other some love?

So I’m wandering around this giant music fest when, out of nowhere, I hear kick-ass riffage that could only mean one thing: skate punk. And what do I find? Long-time skate punkers Millencolin giving huge props to the legends Pennywise with a cover of…wait, what song is this?

Whoa, hold up. Ok, ok, my bad. I think that was actually Pennywise paying respects to Millencolin. Classic mix up. Wait, that was Pennywise, wasn’t it? The song was that kind of straightforward, no-nonsense punk so it has to be a Millencolin song. I’m fairly certain. Unless maybe it’s actually, like, six or seven Pennywise songs I’m thinking of. Shit.

Alright, wait. I refuse to look this up. I’ve loved skate punk since I saw Pennywise absolutely kick ass at Warped Tour 97. Or did I see Millencolin? How the hell can’t I remember this? Come to think of it, has anyone ever these two bands in the same place at one time?

There has to be a way to figure this out. Oh I know! The song was totally on one of those skateboarding video games! I think I saw one of those dingy-ass arcades on the promenade with a Top Skater machine that featured this song, I’m betting. Although I could be thinking of that one song on Tony Hawk 2.

Let’s just think this through logically. Which one was on Epitaph: Pennywise or Millencolin? Both?! Son of a bitch!

No need to panic. I’ve got this well under control. What about the Punk-O-Rama albums? Maybe that’ll at least create some separation. Good thing I happen to keep volumes 2 through 8 on me at all times.

Okay so volume 2… both on there. 3? Same deal. Here’s 4 and…shit. On to 5. Come on! Really? 6? Nope. 7? Nope. Show—me—lucky—number—8!

God fucking dammit!

You know what? Fuck it. I’ll figure it out later. It sounds like NOFX is playing on another stage so I’ll go check them out. Although it might just be some chubby dude yelling the C word into a microphone.