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Collage Art Is My Way of Expressing How Much I Want $500 From You

Art is self expression. Art is thought-provoking. Art shines a mirror onto society so that it can see the ugliness within itself. My art expresses my desire for your $500 so I can continue to shine a light on society’s ills and also buy more coke, thanks.

I’ve been expressing this desire through my art for years and I’ve gotten very innovate with it. Believe me. I set up a Patreon and even tried to convince the Starbucks down the street to hang up my work. The baristas said there is no space left because their art is already on the wall.

I’m not discouraged. You know why? Guess who else was turned down from coffee shops back in the day: A little known artist named Vincent Van Gogh. Just look how that turned out. His work has been forever commemorated on the credit card my parents gave me. I truly feel like him and I are samesies in that I’ll also probably die broke unappreciated. Unless you give me $500.

I know my asking price may seem steep but just think about all the money my parents spent on tuition just so I could get a fine arts degree. Personally, I have no idea how much they spent. Maybe four times as much as my asking price? I don’t really know. Either way, I am damn sure it was a lot more than what I’m asking for my art.

I spent a good part of an hour creating this piece called Untitled #1 [ The Fall of Humankind at the Hands of Capitalism ] just so I can get that $500 from you. Also, I only take Venmo. Or cocaine.