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Bucket Hats Are Making A Comeback Because I Just Found My Old One And Really Want To Wear It

Hey, remember bucket hats? What a ‘90s nostalgia trip, am I right?! We used to call them fisherman hats because old men used to wear them fishing. HA! No, but seriously I think they are starting to come back into fashion and not just because I found mine when I was cleaning out my closet.

No, I mean that’s not the ONLY reason. I also saw an article about how they’re making a comeback. Well, actually the article was about how overalls are making a comeback. But if overalls are back then, by the transitive property of ironic ‘90s fashion, so are bucket hats! And when this article comes out I can just site this one when I inevitably have to defend this fashion choice in public.

I might not be a #INFLUENCER on the ‘stagram, but I do know that this looks very, very cool.

Everyone knows fashion is cyclical. Trends that were once considered foolish come back into style 10 years later. Everyone knows that. If bucket hats aren’t cool then tell me why the Starbucks barista wrote my name as Jamiroquai on my coffee?

Just because I am almost forty doesn’t mean I can’t still look good. Everyone acts like I have to buy all my clothes from Costco now and the only hats I’m allowed to wear are college team baseball caps. To that I say, nay! Atop my head will rest only the flimsiest of fabrics.


Man, I wish I never donated my JNCOs to Goodwill after college.

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