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We Asked a Real Teenager From Mars If They Care, and Their Answer Shocked Us!

In recent years NASA have made executing the first ever manned mission to Mars their highest priority. But with the nation’s attention divided between social justice issues and economic struggles, NASA and other American space organizations have found it difficult to generate interest in the possibility of deep space exploration.

“The dreams of our fathers have always been the stars,” said Chief NASA Aerospace Engineer, Theo Finan. “But the more our vision has turned inward, the less our curiosity is excited by the thought of outwardly scientific pursuits.”

Indeed, getting America’s teens, in particular, excited about anything has proven to be an exceedingly difficult task. We at Hard Style felt that it might be worthwhile to gain some perspective from teenagers outside the U.S. So we sat down with a REAL teenager from Mars and got him to speak on the record for the first time.

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Enutan Grabthar is a 17-year-old Martian who enjoys shooting dune fwargs in the Syrtis Major and going out with friends on the weekend. We understand he is very involved in the Martian horror-punk community. We had the rare opportunity to speak with Enutan and ask him the question anyone who ever rocked a devilock has always longed to ask.

Hard Style: Hi Enutan, thanks for giving us the time. We know it’s hard to get a line out there.

Enutan Grabthar: Hey guys, it’s no problem. I’m a big fan.

Awesome! So we’re gonna ask you the standard question.

The standard question?

Yeah, the standard question. . . Do you care?

You know I get asked this a lot, and if I’m being honest with you. I really truly, just don’t care.

You don’t care at all?

Nope. Not at all.

Well, thanks for clearing that up for everyone.


This answer SHOCKED us. Were you as shocked as us? Let us know in the comments below.