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Help! My Anti-Swastika Tattoo Is Just a Swastika Until I Can Afford Another Session

Help! I really fucked this up and I could use some support. You know that sick tattoo idea I’ve been talking about for years? The one with people of all races giving a swastika the finger? I finally got it. There’s just one slight hitch…

Right now it’s just a swastika until I can afford another session.

I thought I could go into this like all my other tattoos make a drawing, save up money, blow it all on booze and cigs, and have just enough left over to get another two inches filled in. Rinse and repeat. But, uh, this one is tricky.

You guys know I’m the last person to ask for a bite of your burger or to bum a second cigarette. But this is an urgent issue. I need cash now so I can finish the tattoo before I get jumped by any more people who think I’m a Nazi.

Look, I’m always supportive of Nazis getting the shit kicked out of them, so getting frequently stomped out over this tattoo is bittersweet. On one hand it represents people coming together to erase hate, but on the other hand I’m down to like six teeth here.

I guess not getting a swastika tattooed on me for any reason would probably have been the best course of action. But it’s too late for that!

If you can donate anything that would be great. I already tried to barter with the tattoo parlor but apparently they don’t deal in Conflict patches. I also made a GoFundMe page but the site took it down because they don’t support members of hate groups.

…I’m such a fucking idiot.

Everyone knows I’m not a racist. If a person of color needed it, I’d give them the shirt off my back. And if doing so reveals a full back tattoo of Donald Trump’s face transposed on a confederate flag, then so be it. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that tattoo when I can afford to put, “Not My President” on the bottom. And I will just as soon as I get my next paycheck.