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Amazing! These Two Bands on Opposite Sides of the Country Made the Exact Same Demo

Sometimes a story is just so amazing, so mind-boggling, that even we can’t believe it’s true. Two up-and-coming bands, one in Olympia, Washington, and the other in Tallahassee, Florida, have put out the exact same demo, note for note!

Washington’s new blood LUNGE and Florida freshmen CHARGE have never met, share no similar experiences, and come from completely different climates. Yet that didn’t stop them from writing the exact same, three song banger of a demo.

We’re talking, the EXACT same goddamn demo!

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LUNGE cite their influences as Youth of Today, with the raw sensibilities of G.I.S.M., and an angry edge akin to Negative Approach, while CHARGE feel they have more of an old school NYHC sound, like The Abused, Cause For Alarm, or Madball shot through a cannon. The funny thing is, they are literally indistinguishable from each other.

We DARE you to find a difference, you WON’T be able to!

“I feel like our lyrics really speak to our experience in the Olympia scene, especially on the track ‘Betrayal’”said LUNGE frontman Jerry Diaz, “Our lyrics couldn’t be duplicated or replicated. You’d have to have lived what we’ve lived, seen what we’ve seen.” Of course, they’d be surprised to find out that Florida’s CHARGE wrote the exact same lyrics word for word on their track also named, you guessed it! “Betrayal.” Seriously! The lyrics are exactly the same.


We asked some fans to help us make sense of this insanity, but their responses were very unsatisfying. “I don’t know, they sound pretty different if you ask me,” said one dude trying really hard on Instagram to seem like he was there for the New Breed era of NYHC but is actually a 17-year-old from like a suburb of Atlanta or somewhere like that, wow!

“I can see how some people would think these are similar, but the difference is pretty pronounced if you know the difference between Eastern vs. Western sound,” said another person who must be on drugs because holy shit, both bands even ripped off a riff from DYS’ “Wolfpack” for the intro on track two!

NO WAY! The frontmen are even wearing the same vintage BOLD tee shirt on the insert photo. WHAT!?


Someone please make sense of this for us. Sound off in the comments!