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Amazing! This Picture of a Sexy Punk Lady Has Nothing to Do With This Article

Refinishing an antique table can be a time consuming and difficult endeavor. But those who undertake the task know there is no greater satisfaction than standing back and looking at a shiny, rich oak table that was previously discarded as trash. Refinishing doesn’t have to be a chore when you know the right techniques. We’ve compiled four time-saving and efficient techniques to help you take someone’s old trash and turn it into a treasure.

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1. Don’t Skip the Sanding – Trust us, this will save you many headaches in the long run. Even if you’ve got a perfectly smooth piece of wood, hidden imperfections, if not buffed out early on can be a nightmare later.

2. Use a Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner – Wood pores are irregular and a good Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner can reduce the likelihood of blotchiness when these irregular pores absorb the stain you apply.

3. Don’t Work In the Dark – Sure, you’re probably refinishing a nice pine table after a hard day at work, but don’t skimp on the light. Borrow a lamp or two from the living room. This will make sure you’re getting an even coat on your finish.

4. Clean All Dust – Dust can ruin any good finish job, especially if you’ve done a thorough sanding. Make sure you use a clean, damp wash cloth and let the table dry completely before applying your first coat. Then make sure it is dust free in between coats to ensure a sparkling, even finish.

Did these tips help you refinish your antique coffee table, or are you just disappointed there weren’t more sexy punk women in this article? Let us know in the comments below.