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All Music Is Violence Against Deaf People

Listen up, you ableist monsters: if you’re out there promoting your music that relies exclusively on people being able to hear, you’re a bigot.

We live in a society that oppresses people without the [dis]ability to hear every single day, so when you create an “artform” that can literally only be enjoyed with hearing, you are committing acts of violence against the trillions of deaf people who live in the United States.

You are hurting the deaf community.

You might as well be traveling from town to town punching every deaf person in the face. To be honest, that would actually be a nicer thing to do than releasing your new “album” on “bandcamp” for your “fans.”

Personally, I am not deaf. I can hear all your shitty music just fine. Because I am not being oppressed by your sounds, I have to use my privilege to fight for the cause of those who cannot.

The most depressing part about all of this is that literally zero deaf people have approached me to tell me about this issue! The only way for me to fight on behalf of them was to realize it on my own one day while listening to your hate music.

Do you want to know why? Because they are all too scared and too oppressed to even bring up the subject of how all music is violence against them. You people make me sick and you should all be arrested.

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It is not my job to educate you about how to be a decent human being. That being said, given this rare platform I have as a blogger for Hard Style, I will offer you advice on how you can stop being so violent towards deaf people.

Musicians, here’s what you can do:

  1. Stop making music forever and work in a more productive field such as professionally transcribing podcasts.
  2. Along with all of your music, make available a VIDEO similar to the old Windows Media Player visualizations so people can SEE what your music sounds like, whether it’s cool circle waves or a green fire.
  3. Exclusively perform covers of Beethoven, the only musician who the deaf community has adopted as their own.

And that’s it.

So do one of those three things or join the white nationalist movement because you’re essentially the hearing equivalent of Nazis.

Now, excuse me while I go record the audio version of this article so all you villainous blind Ray Charles-inspired musician can listen to it and learn something meaningful for once.

Article by Jeremy Kaplowitz @jeremysmiles.