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Actually, Dad, Running a Simpsons’ Meme Page Is a Real Job

The Boomer generation doesn’t seem to understand how the world works anymore. They still think you should apply for a job, get hired, and perform tasks for a capitalist overlord. My dad seems to think that even though I don’t get “paid” for my Simpsons’ Shitposting Facebook Group it isn’t a job.

So, Dad, you seem to think that content just magically appears on my page?! The 283 members of Simpsons’ ShelbyPosting visiting my page because they know they will see the high quality Reddit re-posts and at least 20% original content. But please, tell me again how this isn’t a “career.” And how the $7.20 I made in ad revenue last year isn’t “profit.”

Sure, I could go out and “pound the pavement” like you tell me everyday. Or I could spend 5 hours auto-tuning ‘Steam Ham’ to the beat of ‘All-Star’ by Smashmouth. In 30 years, which one of those tasks will have a lasting impact on the world?

I have to stay abreast of the Simpsons Meme trends at all times, much like you watch your precious stock market. Last year I missed the Chub floods while we were on vacation and I’ll be damned if I let that happen again.

Today, Mr. Plow is hot, hot, hot and if I am trying to find a way to tie it in with the current protests in Hong Kong. But please, father, how did your day at the office impact global politics? That’s why I thought.

Also, now that I’ve been banned on Twitter, 4Chan, and SomethingAwful I am having a hell of a time finding content for my own group. I think I am going to try and make Rainier Wolfcastle an icon for the Alt-Right and try and pull in some of their numbers. As you can see, this JOB keeps me very BUSY.

I have to go now, my planet needs me. LOL!