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A Statement From MILFHunter on the Coronavirus

Valued Subscriber,

As you know, the Coronavirus has fundamentally, but hopefully only temporarily, changed everyday life. We care about two things here at The safety of our horny MILFS, and providing our customers with the daily hardcore MILF content they rely upon. We would like to update you on the most recent changes our site has made in these uncertain times to ensure both those priorities are met.

SOLO VIDEOS ONLY – We understand that some of our most popular videos such as “MILF Fucks The Neighborhood,” “MILF Gives Piano and Pussy Eating Lessons,” “Big Pussy, Bigger Dick,” and “Horny MILF Drives A Truck, Then Fucks” involve multiple people but in order for this pandemic to end, we need to do our part. That means social distancing. Therefore, new content released in the future will be MILF solo videos only. While this may disappoint some of you, please understand that the last thing we, and likely you, want is for one of our sex-starved, ready to fuck MILFs to be infected with the Coronavirus and pass it on to any construction workers, delivery guys, or God forbid, or top MILF hunter Shawn Rees, himself.

NO MORE PUBLIC VIDEOS – Recently we started a series titled “MILF Gets Pounded In Every Aisle In The Grocery Store” and while people are enjoying it, we must discontinue all pussy pounding in public areas, especially grocery stores. Grocery store employees are on the front lines against this virus so our MILFS vow to keep their pussies away from all grocery stores and other public spaces until this pandemic is over. Our MILFs will be exclusively using food delivery services in the mean time, which we may have to reconsider now that we’re thinking about it.

FREE CORONAVIRUS THEMED CONTENT – We just wouldn’t be if we didn’t adapt. That means we will be introducing some topical videos very soon. Be on the lookout for “Horny MILF In Quarantine,” “MILF Explores Her Body For Coronavirus,” “Safe MILF Washes Her Hands For 20 Seconds,” “MILF In Medical Mask Urges You To Jerk Off,” and “MILF Explains The Pros And Cons Of Socialism In A Pandemic.”

These are the main changes to the site and we will update our subscribers as needed. If you would like a tight, shaved, and wet refund please email us at [email protected] Be safe and thank you for being a hard and throbbing subscriber, thehardtimesxXx.

The MILFHunter Team