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Only ’90s Kids Remember Dad Smashing a Hole in the Wall with a Fax Machine

Ready for the ultimate throwback? How many ’90s kids reading this remember that day Dad smashed a fax machine against the wall?


He sure was mad and it sure as hell was the ‘90s!

Man it was a different time! We were all just relieved he didn’t throw that bulky caveman technology at us!

Kids these days will never know the feeling when they see their dad throw their smartphones against the wall. Those things barely make a dent!

What a day! As iconic as the day you got your first super soaker or took your first wacky trip down a slip n slide!

Man remember the good old days? Just trying to suck down a sweet Capri Sun when BAM! Dad’s mad again! God those fax machines were SO bulky and GOOFY!

We didn’t even know what got him so riled up! We were just wacky kids!

LOL! You can hear those terrifying crash sounds like it was yesterday, just those chilling 30 seconds like a hit clip!

If you want a trip down memory lane, go to your old house! Chances are the hole’s still there!

Sure a lot of ’90s kids remember Dad ripping your Sega Genesis out of the TV while you were playing Sonic the Hedgehog and whipping it at the Bowflex, even more remember Dad shouting “CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED” while you were just trying to watch ALL THAT! But only the truest of ‘90s kids remember the fax machine incident.

Did we miss any other traumatizing memories that only ’90s kids remember? Let us know in the comments!