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5 Times Wendy’s Totally Roasted Their Employees by Not Paying Them a Livable Wage

When it comes to the arena of corporate social media presence, savvy consumers know there’s only one contender for roast master. Wendy’s has a reputation for dishing out insults to its competitors, but did you know they really love to kick people when they’re down? Check out these five times the fast-food giant really nailed their own employees to the wall by not providing a high enough income to escape institutional poverty!

1. When cashier Mary Salaman asked her manager for time off to take her daughter to the doctor, he told her company policy couldn’t pay for it, forcing her to spend excess money on expensive day care. You know Wendy’s wouldn’t pass up the chance to dunk on this single mom!

“@mommymary We went ahead and booked you an eye appointment so you can read the employee handbook next time you need to take a little time off. Don’t worry, the co-pay is on us.”

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2. Darryl Harly has worked at Wendy’s as a fry cook for the past 26 years, and yet somehow his annual wages have only increased 8%. But the franchise owner that routinely makes Darryl clean toilets even though it’s not his goddamn job just bought a third Lexus for his asshole son after the last one got totaled. The scarlet scamp got wind of this and boy did she have a fresh-never-frozen burn ready to dole out!

“@DarrylDaFryman Hey Darryl, looks like you missed a speck of shit on the edge of the toilet while you were cleaning. Oh wait, that’s just your career path. Our bad.”

3. After severely burning his hand on a dangerously unsafe and out of date fryer, Thomas Malloh attempted to sue the burger giant for a moderate sum. Wendy’s high-powered lawyers came back with a countersuit so financially draining it forced the bank to foreclose on his house!

“@MarshMalloh Looks like someone needs a place to crash until this whole “defamation lawsuit” thing blows over. You could try cuddling up with the fryer, but try not to get too close this time.”

4. Food runner Shanise Cuchin works hard to make sure her paycheck goes towards helping raise her younger siblings while her mother works night shifts at a local hospital. However late-stage capitalism has other plans, incentivizing her supervisor to keep her below 40 hours and deprive her of much needed benefits. Wendy’s smelled blood in the water with this one and pounced right away!

“@grlonthamove You might not be eligible for social security, medical coverage, or paid time off, but a half price meal per shift ain’t “half” bad is it?”

5. We honestly aren’t even sure what junior shift lead Kyle Pecahl did to piss off Wendy, but she really has it out for this dude. Every day at the stroke of midnight, she fires off another icy insult designed to eat away at his already fragile self-confidence.

“@picklepechal Fuck you, you pathetic worm. I hope you continue to fail in all your miserable endeavors. Rest in piss.”

Wow! Wendy’s really goes for the throat even in situations where it’s in no way called for or necessary! Whoever runs their Twitter account is a comic genius!

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