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5 “Pulp Fiction” Easter Eggs That Will Make You Say “Wow, This Blind Date Is Not Going Well!”

“Pulp Fiction” was Quentin Tarantino’s commercial breakthrough, and one of the defining films of the 1990s. While everyone knows iconic scenes like Uma Thurman and John Travolta’s dance at Jack Rabbit Slim’s, you’d have to be a real cinephile to know these easter eggs, and if you don’t, it’s safe to say that this blind date is not going well!

Easter Egg #1: Big Kahuna Burgers – This “tasty burger” chain pops up in multiple Tarantino films, much like his fondness for Red Apple cigarettes and the Big Jerry Cab Co! Based on how delicious those burgers looked in the scene where Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson threatened Frank Whaley, it’s probably a much better place than this off-brand Dairy Queen that I was fool enough to bring a date to, even though she told me she was a vegetarian! God, I’m an idiot.

Easter Egg #2: Ezekiel 25:17 – Biblical scholars could tell you that Samuel L. Jackson’s iconic scripture quote is not accurate to the text! It’s a lot like how I panicked over the phone and told my date I was 28, not 38 like I actually am. She must know. Why am I making a fool of myself this way? She looks so bored.

Easter Egg #3: The $5 Shake – Steve Buscemi’s waiter character asks Uma Thurman if she wants a vanilla shake or chocolate by referring to two comedic duos from racially segregated times, and now you’ve really done it. Never bring up racial issues on a first date. Now you wish she looked bored, instead of staring at you like the dumb piece of trash you are. God, I hate myself.

Easter Egg #4: Fruit Brute – Always the pop culture collector, Tarantino snuck a box of defunct novelty breakfast cereal into Eric Stoltz’s scenes! Oh God, did I really just ask her what she likes for breakfast? It sounds like a cheesy pickup line! Now she thinks I’m some kind of slimeball who expects to get laid after buying a girl some soggy fries!

Easter Egg #5: Feet – Okay, there’s nothing wrong with people having a thing for feet and no one should be kink-shamed for a harmless little thing like that. But she’s definitely noticed how often I’ve accidentally stared at her sandals, her gorgeous red-painted toenails and yep, she’s definitely holding a can of mace under the table.

Oh, well. Maybe she’ll give me a second chance if I hint at how many “Django Unchained” stories I know.